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Ian Ortega

Why is it easier trusting others but yourself?

Your life formula is really unique to you. You are not going to go up to someone’s formula and pick that up and it works. Even when it works, it will not fit in well, it just will not be a neat formula.

Because we all arrive at our formulas in different ways. We are born in different times, in different contexts, we have gone to different schools, faced different traumas, fought different battles, made love to different people, we have different demons, different angels.

There is just no way an Ortega formula is going to work for an Ian. You must really just create your formula from scratch and keep improving it over time. Of course, you will go pick things from other people’s formulas and you add them to your formula, but it cannot just be a full copy and paste. You must clean up the things you get from other people’s formulas before you add them in yours.

Because you could just mess up your formula. And life is about trusting your formula. That I must say is the hardest thing, trusting your formula. There is always a temptation, a panic to drop your formula and pick up someone’s formula.

You know it is crazier now, with social media, with this influencer life, everyone projects a working formula. So you see these highlights, you almost want to just pick up Tasha’s formula and use that. But that is the easiest way to wreck your ship. Trust your formula. And trusting your formula requires trusting yourself.

That is the hardest thing in life, trusting yourself, trusting your choices. It is easier trusting other people, other authorities than trusting yourself. But overtime, I have learnt that the best thing you can do is to trust in yourself, trust in your formula, and just keep improving it. There will be some bugs in your formula, but you just keep debugging.

That has always been my take on this life thing. It is my life obsession, to improve my formula to such a point that it does not break down so often. It has broken down once in a while, like nothing prepares your life formula for the loss of a loved one, but then it happens, and you improve the formula. Then you move on.

That is the whole idea of the Ortega Kingdom, to help you trust your own formula.

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