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I failed to tie my shoelaces- Flona

Up close. There is one thing everyone will never forget in their lives. For the new kid on the block Florence Nankinga alias Flona, tying shoelaces had stopped her from wearing shoes with strings. Isaac Ssejjombwe catches up with her for more details.


What inspired you to become an artiste?
Actually this is something I didn’t expect. I had the talent but wasn’t really into it until one of the directors at my workplace heard me singing one of Iryn Namubiru’s songs and he was impressed. It’s from there that I got signed to CRK record label.
What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Having grown up in a religious family, we were always taught to put God first in everything we do so immediately after waking up, I pray and give thanks to God for keeping me alive andfor providing. Basically praising him.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
What I can never forget is that back when I was still a kid, I would cry my eyes out to eat the eyes of a fish. No one in the house would dare eat them. I would even refuse to eat food if the eyes were missing. Until now, it is the first part I look forward to when it comes to fish.
Who was your first best friend?
Surprisingly, I have two best friends to date and those are my parents. I really adore them because without them, I wouldn’t be here today.

First book you read?
It was some Luganda book titled Nalule ne Musisi. I cannot quite remember what it was all about but it was one of those kid’s books and my grandma used to read it to me.
What was your first job?
I was in sales at Freeman Kiyimba’s Kiza stores in Kikuubo. I was responsible for helping customers find items that they want, check for stock at other branches or order requested stock for customers, provide customers with information about items among others.
I was there for a year.

What was your first salary?
I had just left university and we were always given allowances. I can’t say how much we used to get.
Current job?
I am an artiste. Before, I used to work as a cashier at CRK, the label that signed me. I had to forego that job for music. I always want the best for others and greed is not part of me. This has enabled me to concentrate on my musical career.

What do you like about music?
The freedom to express myself, the fame that comes with it and being part of a growing venture like CRK music label.
Biggest regret in life?
The day I wore shoes with strings. Everyone laughed at me because I couldn’t tie the shoelaces. I had never worn them before. Most of my shoes have no laces.
What type of shoes were they?
They were Nike sneakers and I bought them at Shs300,000.



What are your hobbies?
Adventure with friends and so far I have gone to Mt Rwenzori and Dar es Salaam. I also love comedy.

Where do you see your music career heading?
I see my career going places. I know Coronavirus distorted music consumption but I believe performances are not the only way people consume music. We have online platforms as well.


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