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MC Gavin ditched the kitchen for emceeing gigs

Johnathan Wanambwa aka MC Gavin

Briefly, tell us about yourself?
I am Johnathan Wanambwa, aka MC Gavin, a seasoned emcee with a decade of experience in hosting events and curating unforgettable experiences.
How long have you been an MC?
For 10 years.
And what makes you different from others?
I am a unique blend of versatility, charisma, and a keen understanding of audience engagement. My approach involves tailoring each hosting experience to the theme of the event, ensuring a memorable and personalised touch that resonates with attendees.

I thrive on creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, making every event distinctive and unforgettable.
What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I engage in reflection and gratitude through prayer. This practice sets a positive tone for the day ahead, providing a centred and focused mindset as I embark on my pursuits.
First thing you do when you meet a new person?
I extend a warm greeting and establish a connection. I believe in the power of active listening, allowing the conversation to unfold naturally.
I also, show authentic interest in their thoughts and experiences. This creates an environment where mutual respect can thrive.
Was it your dream to be an MC?
While being an MC was not initially my dream, it gradually became a significant part of my journey. Growing up, I navigated the challenges of life, being my own support system in my early years.
My knack for presentation and leadership emerged during my school days, where I consistently took on roles as a class prefect and host for various events.

Although my initial dream was to be an architect, the path of being an MC unfolded naturally as I discovered my passion for engaging with people and creating memorable experiences.

Life’s journey led me to a fulfilling career in event hosting, blending my innate abilities with the dynamic world of entertainment.
What else do you do?
I am involved in entrepreneurship. My current venture focuses on a camel milk project, where I am not only selling the milk but also exploring various camel products numerous health benefits.
Tell us about your first job?
I used to roast meat. I honed my skills in the art of roasting, specialising in chicken, goat and beef.
It was a hands-on experience that taught me valuable lessons about hard work, attention to detail, and the satisfaction of delivering quality products to customers.
What was your first salary?
 Shs860,000 from marketing books for Longhorn Publishers under Treasure Communications.
What did you use your first salary for?
I used it to kickstart a significant venture in my entrepreneurship journey.
With a forward-thinking approach, I invested that money in establishing Ginatio Investments (U) Ltd.
This strategic move has not only expanded my mindset, but has also opened doors to various business opportunities. I am actively seeking investors to further grow and diversify the ventures my company.
Who was your first best friend?
Victoria in 2007. We evolved from classmates to a bond that goes beyond friendship; she’s like a sister. She shared her knowledge which challenged and inspired me. She is family.
First event you did emceeing?
I had the privilege of hosting Spice Diana at Club Lavida in 2015.
First book  you read?
Dreams of My Father by Barack Obama.
What has been your experience like in the industry?
From electrifying performances to engaging audiences, each event has been a unique opportunity to contribute to the dynamic cultural tapestry of the Ugandan music scene.

These encounters have enhanced my skills as an emcee but have also deepened my appreciation for the power of music to unite and uplift diverse audiences.
Your earliest childhood memory is…?
A treasure of love and care from my mother who passed away in January 2002. Even though the specifics of my first memory are blurred, what stands out is her unwavering love and pride for her three children.

As the youngest, I felt the abundance of her love.
My mother’s nurturing spirit inspired me to know the importance of creating lasting memories with one’s children. Therefore, when I become a parents, I  have a some principles  to emulate.

Your biggest regret?
None. I firmly believe that everything unfolds for a reason, guided by a higher purpose. With faith at the core, I find contentment in the blessings around me.
I recognise that each experience has played a role in shaping who I am today. There is no room for regret when gratitude fills the heart.

What do you like about your job?
Its straightforwardness, I invest time and effort into a specific event, create a memorable experience, and receive payment in return. This simplicity allows me to focus on delivering excellent service and brings a sense of accomplishment.

Worst part of your work?
Navigating the unpredictability inherent in event hosting. Handling unforeseen issues and last-minute changes can be challenging, calling for quick thinking and adaptability.
Nevertheless, it is in overcoming these challenges that I find opportunities for growth and the refinement of my skills.

Your life lesson is….?
Embracing challenges with resilience and maintaining a positive outlook. I have learnt that every experience, contributes to personal growth.
By staying open to learning, adapting to change, and finding gratitude in each moment, I navigate life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
What advice did you receive from a friend that has worked for you?
MC Desire Africa, a seasoned figure in entertainment, imparted invaluable advice that has stood the test of time.

His counsel to maintain a positive outlook, persevere in the face of challenges, consistently forge new connections, and always strive for excellence has proven to be enduring and effective, shaping my journey in the entertainment industry.

Best part

The sheer joy I experience when entertaining people. Living in the moment, relishing each aspect.
The ability to connect with people through entertainment is a source of fulfillment that fuels my passion for what I do.

*Written by Olivier Mukaaya

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