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Behind the Scenes with Mathew Nabwiso on Directing ‘Sabotage’

It’s been a few weeks since the release of the official trailer for ‘Sabotage’ a rollercoaster drama set around a traditional wedding ceremony produced by Reach A Hand Uganda in partnership with Sauti+ Media Hub and Nabwiso Films.

Ahead of the film’s official premiere on February 15, 2024, we caught up with the film director, the veteran actor, and producer Mathew Nabwiso who shared his experience from making the movie that stars Stella Natumbwe, Jjemba Dean Austin, Shanitah Musa Zubedah and others.

What drew you to this particular script, and how do you usually select which scripts to work on?

I’m a filmmaker who’s interested in making films that change people’s lives. So, the entertainment element is important, but so is the educational bit, and this script had both of these elements.

The trailer hints at some intense and emotional scenes. How do you prepare everyone on set for them and how do you approach directing these scenes?

First, I have the actors understand what the scenes are about and what their goals are in these scenes. Following that, they have to go through rehearsals to ensure they understand exactly what their purpose is in the scene.

Can you share your experience working with the rest of the cast and crew?

It was a very good one. I’ve worked with this particular crew for a while and on several projects and films, such as ‘When You Become Me’ and the ‘Sanyu’ series. We get along very well and have gotten to a point where they understand the way I look at things and can anticipate what I want before I ask for it.

It was the same with the cast because we did a really good job in casting them and they were open to learning and new experiences.

Did you face any challenges during the filming process? If so, which ones were they, and how did you overcome them?

Yes, we did. Particular scenes were shot across two days because the first day was interrupted by heavy rain. Imagine having about 200 people – 150-180 extras and the actors – that have been engaged to shoot for one day. Getting them for a second day is tough because of the expense involved, and others had other plans for the second day.

Additionally, on the second day, no sooner had we gone halfway into the shoot than it started raining again. But God was gracious and the rain stopped so we managed to finish shooting.

So, it was a bit of an inconvenience, but we made it through.  Other than that, everything moved pretty much smoothly.

What memorable moments stand out for you from the entire time you were shooting the movie?

That would have to be the introduction scenes. They were quite intense and hectic to shoot because of the number of people we had to work with, but it was also a very beautiful experience because we were depicting our traditional marriage ceremonies and the way they are run.

Lastly, what’s next for you in your directorial journey? Are there any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I am going to continue doing more films and there are a couple of projects that I’ll be directing this year, like a film called ‘Man’s Worth’ that’s coming soon. I’m here to do film, and I’ll do film until the day I die.

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