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Hundreds suffer when my shows are cancelled- Bobi Wine

Musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, sings on stage in Busabala, suburb of Kampala, Uganda, on November 10, 2018. Thousands of Ugandans thronged a lakeside recreation ground to attend the long awaited first music concert of the politician after previous attempts were blocked by the Ugandan police.

December is a busy in the entertainment industry.

Musicians, even the upcoming ones, make a lot of money during the month of December, but that is not the case for Bobi Wine whose shows have all been cancelled.

Bobi Wine during an interview earlier today on one of the local TV stations said that the police are targeting him as an individual because as other artistes are working in this period, he’s suffering.

“All my shows have been peaceful all along, it should not be forgotten that as other artistes are organizing shows, they have decided to block my shows,” he said. “That was an indication that they are targeting me as an individual. A thing that is wrong and shameful. A thing that has to stop and a thing that will eventually stop.”

He added that the government is making sure he runs broke, which is so wrong according to the constitution.

“Every time I have shows, over 200 people are also working and this means all those people are now unemployed.”

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