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Four One One

Light skinned women are my weakness – comedian

Allan Kibuka is a 25-year-old comedian who has so many options that he decided to take on as his name. While most people usually have reservations about dating people they work with, Option has no problem with it as long as she is light skinned, writes Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Where did the Optional Allan name come from?
I have always been a comedian and growing up in the suburbs of Mulago, there were many comedy groups around. While my friends joined them I on the other hand refused to join any leaving me the freedom to act with whichever group was available. So whenever my people were looking for me, they always called me the guy with options. I thought that was a great thing to have so I just incorporated it with my real name Allan.

What kind of comedy do you do?
I do not want to limit myself with just one style. While I can do any comedy style I prefer creating jokes basing on current affairs and human nature. To make any audience laugh is not easy. First off you need to be very broad and clean to get everyone in crowd to love it. I have learned that people share common experiences. So I use my personal experiences and of those around me to come up with my material. I know that if I find it funny then others will think it is funny too.

How do you prepare for the different audiences you perform for?
Most of the time you have very limited timespan to get the audience on your side. I always open with a self-deprecating joke about myself that makes everybody relax a little bit or I will start off with what is trending all over the media at that time.

Who is your ideal woman?
That would be a woman who respects me and my friends and who fears God as well. I also want a woman who understands my career and is supportive of me. I am not so much into physical qualities but I have a special fondness for naturally light skinned women.

How many girlfriends have you had in your life?
This is so personal especially for me as a Muganda man. Our ancestors cautioned us against this very thing in the saying that ‘Omusajja tebamubalira bakyaala’ (you must never count a man’s women) but I have had enough girlfriends.

Would you date a comedian?
Yes I would. I actually think it would be a great relationship, especially for both our careers since we would help building and improving each other’s jokes.

Who is your favorite Ugandan comedian and why?
Ehmah Napoleon, because he is creative and every time he steps on stage he has something new. He is also generous with his time and helps mentoring upcoming comedians.

What is the biggest audience you have ever performed for?
The ‘entujjo ya comedy’ in Jinja during Easter of 2016 where I performed for more than 5,000 people organised.
What are you working on lately?
Currently, I am working on my one man show scheduled for next year. I am also preparing for the festive season.

At a glance.
What is the biggest joke you have ever done?
I did a joke about how our national anthem does not have a video. It was one of those jokes that take on a life of their own once they go viral on social media. Some people who did not even know I had come up with the joke sent it to me saying I should learn from it. The people on social media seem to be funnier than comedians.

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