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Clapback no Comeback: A case of Sylvia Owori’s Barbie war and Sheila Gashumba’s iPhones

A photo Montage of Sheila Gashumba (L), Sylvia Owori (R), Barbie Kyagulanyi (inset) and Sheila Gashumba’s iPhone (inset)

First of all, introduction

Fashion designer Sylvia Owori last week climbed more than the threads of her clothes could help her. In a Facebook post, she questioned the quality of Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife of Bobi Wine in regards to sitting on a panel of “powerful inspirational women.” She even asked her in the most fashionable way she could find; “Are you one of the most powerful inspirational women in Uganda?”

Barbie’s response was precise, confirming that she is indeed that powerful, and hopes mukyala Owori just might make the cut to a similar panel herself, one day, since she is inspirational as well. A good way to sail past such doubt and negative energy. We overheard on the streets that Owori moved immediately behind a veil of clothes, and was not seen on the timeline for a couple of hours.

A clap back is a statement that can be likened to Mike Tyson or a deadly narcotic; it knocks you out, and you have nothing to say in return.

Following the Sylvia Owori-Barbie incident, the week had its pace set, and the uncharacteristic clap-backs were to keep coming. Next in line was one of those people we love to hate and hate to love. Sheila Gashumba was once here for a physical clapping from Daddy for her impunity. She quickly moved on, and presented a new version of herself that looks like this

On these streets though, happiness can only last a short time. There are people who usually look into the details, and it is unfortunate that these same people usually know things and can get really petty. One of them is the @Sempijjastanle, who @ithelebu could define for you in the English language context.

Having seen Gashumba unearth her new self, Mr Sempijja noticed quite something unusual about the celebrity, in his opinion.

We told you it has been a clapback week, right? Sheila here took the lead

Well, Mr Sempijja was not ready to quit yet, especially when he had his info right and backed up.

The man had literally raised a lot of dust here. First of all, Sheila could not guarantee that indeed she had the three phones (himself being able to flash his two) and he added the phrase “bought for myself” which technically was the end of Gashumba’s comeback. In fact, she moved from coming back to trending. Ssempijja had done his part, so he left the rest to the tweeps to take care of.

Take 1; Sempijja too had three phones like Gashumba, in addition to a wrist watch that could buy all the six iPhones, but mans like him brags different.

Take 2; Gashumba has so many things she does. Did you know she is a digital influencer? Unfortunately, she still has some influencing to do…

Take 3: FYI, Gashumba is one of the Ugandans with a sane mind, and according to @RonnieKahuma, this is how it operates

Even those who were AWOL from the timeline came back on this one. Seeking for answers from where the last Gashumba episode stopped. If the comments are anything to go by, they surely got them

Finally, here we leave Gashumba trying to sort herself out

Thanks for the great week folks. We shall still be snooping around for y’all to get unusual.

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