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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

The acute angle: Walking in Bobi’s shoes

Must be an extreme sport. To a certain confused Ssali something, it should be easy.Mbu no one walks majestically the way Bobi Wine did after being hit with batons. That Bobi was only acting. No victim of torture wears Timbalands. Well, that is your Munene Munene, President of Walking Stick Affairs, Caretaker of Rights of the Tortured. His opinion is a heat wave, divisive, erratic, annoying, but typically of Bebe. Independent in thought, imprisoned in his reasoning.

For Bobi, it has been a crazy year. I doubt anyone ever expected him to blow into a worldwide sensation. It must be surreal for him. Having to sustain polished kazungu for that long on international TV is not easy. Blaadi, English and the Ghetto yut are a match made in hell. Ask Buchaman. Here is a rasta, who months prior was just another top musician searching for another big hit to earn his bread. Many times, he was notoriously branded as a ganja-loving ghetto hoodlum by the public that fought with fellow artistes and caused chaos. An example of many things wrong with our society. The bad boy!

So here is a former bad boy sitting across top journalists who are keen to know his plans to save a country. Insane, right? Dude has never even announced plans to be president but many people are resting their laurels on his shoulders already. It must be scary. To have your plans, expectations grow bigger than you to the point of swallowing you up can be scary for anyone. Sometimes we do not foresee just how far our voices can go. We just want to be heard.

You are probably the ka back bencher itching to say something in class but you are afraid of what your classmates will say. And when you finally conquer your fears and say it out loud, the impact could be huge. I feel for Bobi because he has never been scrutinised like this before. He is just a rookie politician who has some issues with ‘Bosiko’ and just out of the blue, veteran politicians are looking at him for the answers. Even the Mwendas are starting to question his taste in bags.

I am sure Bobi is a rasta to the core, who only wants his peeps back in the ghetto to have a taste of the national cake. The expectations to see him become President might have shaken him up quite a lot. The police is watching him and literally everyone is watching him. Would I be scared if I were him, yes? Would I relish the challenge, probably yes. Sometimes the things we are scared of the most are the things that could set us on a path of greatness. You just never know. Just be ready!

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Four One One

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