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HASHTAGS: ‘L’ Clasico: No Troll Beats A Real Troll

On another day, the title should have started with “El Clasico” and omitted the word “Real”. That day is not today. I will join a whole array of football fanatics today to mark one of the sports’ remarkable scores of the week. In the European Derby, Barcelona hosted old rivals Real Madrid for their first encounter of the season, and it is one we were grateful to see. For the first time, we had a glimpse of the action without either Ronaldo or Messi; the former out to Juventus and the latter in the stands resting off an injury.

‘Outplayed’ and ‘outclassed’ were some of the words used to describe the fixture, given the 5-1 scoreline that went the way of Barcelona. As is the case with many similar occasions, a day of sadness to one group of fans is a shot for twitter to step up the ridicule and satire game, and that is exactly the way it went.

Because twitter is an inclusive platform, we thought the lovers of boxing too just might get the perspective in which Barcelona ran rampage over Madrid. So technically speaking, here is an accurate summary of the game

Inclusive we said. So wildlife lovers, here is the summary of the game in the best way you too would understand. This even has some extra analysis of how each half went.

It is said that one should not love too deeply; because the depth of your pain is greater than or equal to the depth of your love. Madrid fans didn’t get that saying run through their ears, ever.


You can’t sell your Ronaldo and then have him; and when he goes, he takes all the R’s with him, as @Biisi96 sees it.

Real Madrid with Ronaldo vs eal madid without Rrronaldo ??

— PASTOR OLA ? (@Biisi96) October 28, 2018

In fact, someone needs to check on Madrid. They might be living in denial and might turn suicidal

The saying that you can’t have everything comes quickly to mind whenever the game is talked about.


Real people do real things. If you can’t, then we can’t call you real either.


There was a time when the epitome of football pain was an Arsenal thing. It might be time for us to move on


Fans are like water; they always find their level


The people that called him Penaldo and said Madrid gave him a career have refused to pay OTT to come and defend their words. Turns out, Ronaldo might have given Madrid the career all this time.

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