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TV personality Remmy Bahati converts to Christianity, from Islam

Remmy Bahati getting baptised at new christian life church, in Virginia, US.

Remmy Bahati getting baptised at new christian life church, in Virginia, US.

Those that followed Besigye’s house arrest after the 2016 presidential elections, must have seen Remmy Bahati running marathons with Police in the bushes in Kasangati, while doing live coverage of the events.

Bahati has however been off our screens for a while, and is now living in the United States, where she is pursuing further studies.

That is not the news though. The news is that Bahati who has practiced Islam since she was born, has converted into a born again Christian.

She was baptized yesterday at New Life Christian Church, Chantilly, Virginia, in the United States, according to a post on her Facebook account.

“I can’t keep a smile off my face. This was really awesome! On the 8th of July 2018 (7.45am) at New Life Christian Church, I was beyond excited to be baptized in front of my friends by my best friend Daniel Channell,” she wrote.


Bahati added that she was proud of herself for making the decision to be Christian.

“There is no greater joy than to watch my life change because Jesus Christ is alive and at work inside me.”

“I grew up in a family that practiced Islam and went to Muslim schools but religion never impacted a lot on my life,” she said, adding that adult baptism reinforces her commitment to be a better person and her commitment to Christ.

“Cheers to a new, better, forgiving and loving me.”

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