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I will invade your house and impregnate your wife with twins – Khalifa Aganaga to A Pass

APass Khalifa Aganaga

Shots have been fired at A Pass from time immemorial but no one has fired such a bullet at the Didi Dada hitmaker like Khalifa Aganaga has done with his recent statements.

We are not sure what exactly sparked the beef and neither do we understand why Aganaga hates A pass this much but one thing we are sure of is A Pass is gone to respond to this and when he does it is going to be epic.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, Aganaga, who was shooting a video for his new song Katono, said that A Pass is a childish artiste who gets inspiration from nursery school /kindergarten rhymes.

“There are many musicians in Uganda, but there are a very few stars. I am a star but A Pass is just a musician. All he writes is ‘I love, I miss u, I wanna be with u. Such lyrics are not hard to compose, even my little son can write such,” the dancehall singer said.

He went ahead to ridicule A Pass’ latest hit Didi Dada saying that no one understands his ‘meaningless’ music.

“Artistes take time to compose songs that audiences will understand, not just saying ‘Didi Dada’,”

Aganaga even bragged that he picked up the late Mowzey Radio’s baton in fighting wars with artistes before saying that he would impregnate A Pass’s wife with twins.

“Radio left you guys for me. I will even  attack you in your home, and sire twins with your wife,” he warned.

Aganaga mocked A Pass for always singing in Jamaican Patois when he is not even Jamaican before adding that he would be so ashamed of himself if he released a song that sounds like one of A Pass’.

“I can’t write such music, I would be ashamed. If I released a song like his my fans would all shun me,” he said.

A Pass has in the past said that he makes music for the elite class. Apparently this did not go down well with Aganaga who said that if a Ugandan artiste’s music cannot be appreciated by the ghetto people, then he or she has not made a mark in the industry.

If you music can’t be appreciated by people in the ghetto then you have not taken over Uganda

“My songs sell from the ghetto to uptown people but your songs are not known by ghetto people. You should come to me for lessons on how to make music that will appeal to all Ugandans,” he remarked.

He later even dared A Pass to make a rebuttal.

“I am Khalifa Aganaga, the owner of battles. I have fought many and am still fighting,” he bragged.

Kyoka Aganaga! Anyway, A Pass, please get online. We can’t wait!

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