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Audio review: Dididada – A Pass

a pass

When A Pass faced off in an interview on the same set, he told Bebe Cool that he is yet to release a song that will be bigger than all Bebe Cool songs. A few days later, he was seen on snapchat recording videos of himself dancing.
The song he was dancing to was Dididada was released a few weeks ago and it is already doing well on all media platforms. Whatever Dididada means, only A Pass knows because in one of the lines in the chorus, he asks a woman “Why do you Didadada me”.
Besides the weird word, the rest of the lyrics are okay and being a songwriter, he chose the right words to use in the love dancehall song.
Dididada has become a darling to many and they have started the A Pass challenge recording videos dancing to the song. The song off his album titled African Yayo was produced by Herbert Skillz, who gave it the not-so strong beats that A Pass is known for tagging along with his husky voice.

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