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Monday was my birthday and it hit me that I will be 30 soon. Yes, you heard right. I am at that stage where friends and family want to review your report card. Like any exam, your 20s are believed to test just how long you will survive. Apparently, it is the stage you are allowed to make as many mistakes as you want. Any mistake you make in your 30s onwards could prove costly. Society expects me to have made enough mistakes for me to discover the right woman to marry, the right career path, the right friends. Basically, I should have discovered the right formula to life.

I am at that stage where I should be putting the last piece to the puzzle, so they say. But guess what? Life has laughed back at me and dictated that I do not make the rules. I have no Miss Right, my future career is hazy and I am basically looking angaazi! So what do I do? Kill myself?
Wapiiiii. Life is sweet yes, hard but sweet. Life will bring us to our knees but we all beg for another chance to start over, to make things right. That is just life. I just wanna enjoy the best life has to throw at me. It could be blessings or lemons. I just wanna make something beautiful out of it all.

Anyway watching Frank Gashumba get arrested made me reflect a little to the time I was caught in a ka polite drink-driving operation many years ago. You know, being handcuffed, taking off your shoes and instantly looking like some criminal is something you would never expect. To your friends, family and to yourself, you are the good guy. You have always made the good decisions in your life and then one flimsy mistake lands you in dogs. There you are, the good guy, rubbing shoulders with chicken thieves in a police cell and you wonder how a guy of your ‘calibre’ got there in the first place. A guy of your calibre messed up.

That is what it is. When I was thrown in that cell, it dawned on me that anyone could go there. A deal could go bad, you could get framed then you will land there. All I am saying is always be prepared for the worst or for the possibility of things panning out differently. There is always a lesson to learn from all of it.

As a grown man, I wanna be in control, but also be in control when I am not in control. Basically, I want to be at ease when bullets are being thrown my way. I want to look my mum in the face and tell her Kampala girls are difficult and my Miss Right will come at the right time. I want to do it with a smile, with peace even if all my boys are jumping the broom. I want to tell people brooms at the shop are expensive and I am simply waiting for the prices to go down. I just want to be in my lane, smiling and laughing about life. Does this make sense to you? Well, nothing ever makes sense these days, especially life. Anyway, nice weekend guys!

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