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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Excuse me, but I am raising eyebrows for that ka pastor boy!

Now this young pastor Alex Kityo is oba quite a sight! The first time I watched his video, I could not contain my laughter. I mean how a seven-year-old stands out with confidence in a suit and binds demons out of people is quite amusing.
One cannot help but wonder if he is indeed a messenger of God or a hoax, especially after he swung in that line mbu God promised him one thing; that Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a. Bobi Wine would be the one to take his family out of poverty on top of educating him abroad.
Eeeish! How specific can one get? It is absurd how this trend of “man eateth where he worketh” is catching up everywhere. Even a seven-year-old has been snatched out of the innocent bag and tagged his “blessing” to material possessions? On second thought, I hope he is not being confused by the trend and quality of pastors today. You know those things of having confused moments where you have a gift but then the eyes are blurred by the reality around you?
I hope that whatever it is, he is not a fake because fake at seven is way out of the lead. That said, the ka chap said he prayed for Bobi Wine to win the elections, like that was not obvious… duuuh! What am I saying? I’m ecstatic seeing God’s work manifest through the younger generation. I am worried though that with the ever growing poverty levels in this country, desperate means can call for desperate measures so one can only hope that this is not one of them.
If it is, then may lightning strike the brains behind this move. If it is indeed true, then may God fulfil his plans for this young man! After all he is already enjoying the VIP status of rolling with the new MP and his wife as he owns up to being the brains behind his win. Anha, quite interesting!
Anyway at the end of the day such amazing things will keep coming our way. Maybe because we are existing in the end times (like they say), so the best thing is to take it as it comes and hope that time will help us sift the truth from all falsity.
I must add though that this young chap oozes confidence and demeanor befitting of an adult. But then again, does he have to imitate all these other pastors, from the intonation to how they all conduct themselves like it is the default settings for everyone who has been called to serve God? Well, I guess that is a story for another day. Let’s first enjoy this sight of the young chap walking all over the place in confidence and when called upon to pray, he rolls out in the official pastors’ tone, complete with tiny arms raised in the air to direct prayers in a suit and bow-tie. Indeed wonders shall never end!

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