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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: The waitress was so rude I almost cried


Have you ever wanted to eat so bad that you would shed a tear? Now imagine being in such a state, you rush to the nearest restaurant only for them to give you the worst customer care service backed by bad food in the mix, ahem!
This is what happened to me some time back. I am tempted to unleash the details of the restaurant but hey, I am in a fair mood today so I will spare you the details. Anyway, there I was craving Chinese food so I went to this Chinese restaurant somewhere in Kololo.
Dashing there seemed like a perfect solution. You know sometimes good ambience in a place can soothe any situation. So for starters the ambience was okay as it gave all hope that things were going to be perfect.
Everything seemed okay until that part where you wait and bang tables for the waiters and waitresses to give attention. One of them did and came running with “wangyi” for a response! This should have been good warning that something was not right. I mean, no offense but how many such restaurants do you go to and the waiters and waitresses respond in such a manner? Even when they speak vernacular, it is after they have become familiar with their client. But an immediate “wangyi”?, Jeez! Shocker of the year.
She attempted to take the orders bambi and dashed with that “meal will be ready in 10minutes” tagline. Just know the wait was the longest I had to endure in such a situation. Eventually the order arrived one by one. And Oh my, was it a mix or a MIX UP? Imagine having a line-up of dishes you have not ordered for? Imagine calling the waitress to tell her she had presented the wrong order only for her to yell out rudely that you had to eat it because there is no way she was going to change it.
Eyes popped. Hunger swung in even harder. Tears formed paka that point of enough is enough! It had to take another hour for things to be corrected after calling out the manager in charge, sulking and raising hell. By this time I wanted to faint.
Eeeish! How places in Uganda can fade beyond measure huh! I could swear that this was not the place I had been to a couple of years ago being all super cool. Things had deteriorated to the point that even the rice had switched from the high quality basmati to oba what local, stony brand.
Such people should know that they owe it to us their customers to maintain standards.
This business of starting at a high and then revising everything to the point of having waitresses giving things like “wangyi” as responses and the only thing that still shows they are in the right place is some branded Chinese regalia, is just not cool.
Without a doubt this was such an annoying experience. Talk of spending money at the wrong place and leaving with a face gloomier than it was at the point of entrance. Oh life!

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