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Pastor Kakande imports “HOLY RIDE”

Pastor Kakande imports “HOLY RIDE”

Synagogue Ministries Pastor Samuel Kakande a few days ago imported a brand new Land Cruiser worth over Shs400 million before taxes.

The new posh ride is a 2017 customised Lexus LX 570 a kind his followers and many Ugandans can only dream of owning. Pictures of the car were posted on the pastors Facebook page.

The SUV comes with a big V8 engine power, sophisticated chassis 4WD and eight-seat seating.

Rear seat passengers are pampered with two seven-inch screen Remote Touch Interface.

For the past weeks pastor Kakande has been in the news having introduced rice he called holy rice which he has been selling for Shs50,000 a kilo.

As a result, a section of the public including government officials have called upon authorities to regulate pastors but before they do they will have to watch the Pastor cruise around in his new monster ride.

Pastor Kakande is one of Uganda’s most prominent pastors and a known lover of cars. In 2015 the man of God bought a Mercedes Benz G-Class from Spear Motors. The car was cleansed by the church who poured holy water on it on Easter Sunday of 2015.

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