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The dvd: Summer of 8

Just like the title suggests, this movie is about a group of eight high school friends who decide to make the best of their last day in high school by going out to the beach. While there, they swim, sun bathe, have a camp fire and chat endlessly about the possibilities that college, their new chapter has to offer them.
Two of them are already a couple and are weighing the good and bad of breaking up then so that they start college single and free. Another pair has always been in love but until then, they had each never expressed how they feel to one another.
One of the friends just wants to do something crazy and forever memorable on the last day of high school. One is scared of having to meet new people and being in a place without his friends. One of the girls just cannot wait for college to start so that she can adventure, she really cannot wait.
It is a good mixture of feelings that makes for an interesting watch. The younger readers will enjoy this because it is stuff that you will easily relate to, thankfully, it is a pretty clean movie. But if you have already completed university, do not watch this unless you want to be bored.
This movie stars Carter Jenkins, Michael Grant, Matt Shively, Nick Marini, Shelley Henning, Bailey Noble, Rachel DiPillo, Natalie Hall and Sonya Walger. It is set in only one location and so was low budget. It was shot in 10 days and for New York film Academy instructor Ryan Schwartz, this 2015 movie is his debut.

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