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The track : Pull up – kent & flosso

This duo is the latest dancehall force in Uganda. Kent and Flosso have shown talent on their jam, Pull Up. It is exciting to hear dancehall music from local artistes, especially considering the fact that the genre has been captured by Jamaican acts. On Pull Up, the singers unleash that patois frenzy some of us have longed to hear a little too long a while now. The intriguing thing about this new sound would be that it was produced by Buddies. The song does not even sound like it is from here, the musical template could have only come from Jamiaca, had it not been for the Luganda lyrics. From the first electro-synthesised riffs on the song’s intro, the lyrical framework of Pull Up follows a very simple design with distinct repetitive patterns. It is easy to sing along. The blend between the spoken words and melodious chords evokes more than just some swift rhythmic movement. The lyrics are catchy and the beats will only make you want to get off your seat.

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