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Connie Tiffs

We really need to castrate people who rape oldies


So a 20-year-old man attacked a 93-year-old woman and raped her in Kkona Village in Wakiso District.
Apparently, this dude named David Jagenda forced himself on Beatrice Namyalo in her own house. The police in Wakiso is yet to deal with him. Lord, what’s the world coming to?

Ahem! Like seriously? Who does this really? What is wrong with today’s generation? Is it the lack of what to do that so many of these idle brains yield up to no good? Should we blame it on disrespect for elders? It is such situations that evoke the public court to act on these culprits such that they never see another day and serve as an example to all those idle brains out there. This is just so absurd.

Without a doubt, this is not the only incident of this kind. Just the other day, we heard of a man who raped a six-month-old baby in a taxi headed to Mukono. Now this one survived being lynched but oba he should have?

Castrating some of these culprits still ranks as the best punishment sometimes but sadly, some of them always manage to escape the hand of the law in a couple of cases.
Nonetheless, something has to be done and it all starts with finding out what the root cause is and devising means to deal with it all.

I mean, this ridiculousness cannot forever be tolerated in a society that has so many vulnerable people exposed to these vultures. It is just not right. It is sad. It is totally unacceptable.
Unfortunately for us, if all we do is talk and talk with no actions then it might all yield to nothing at all.

So how about we showed more effort in bringing an ended to all this craziness in the best way that we can, as long as it rhymes with the law?


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