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The music video: Kazindalo – Kalifah Aganaga




When a song is titled Kazindalo, one immediately goes into an overdrive of thought while anticipating the video. Will the video be full of speakers? Will it be full of microphones? What shall become of the music video? And Kalifah AgaNaga answers those questions; “not much”. Not much can be weaved out of such an audio by a video producer in Uganda. That is quite what happens in this music video – not much.
You only watch this video once and you are done. Not that it bored you, but simply that you had witnessed all that was played out in this music video before. In simple terms, Kazindalo is your basic music video – doesn’t add more, doesn’t subtract from the whole, it maintains the norm.
It starts with a child dancing energetically. In the background are speakers. This same background is to be shared at other scenes in the video. The dancers, one takes on a mask of a speaker while another finds it fit to play out a skeletal skull masquerade.
Despite the fact that it is a drowning video, Kalifah AgaNaga finds it in his power to save his video. Yes, he takes charge, injects it with energy and together they manage to stay afloat till the end. Somewhere by the staircase of a house, we have the night scene where Kalifah is surrounded by four booty-shaking girls. One of the girls holds onto the balustrades and shows how infectious a Kazindalo can be.
It could be that the director had a vision for this video. However, about the path to reach that vision, I highly doubt. The video tries to illustrate the power that speakers and microphones have over people. But hey, that power is not only reflected in how they dance. Musical words do much more that cause people to dance.


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