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The dvd: Pompeii


Even with knowledge of the problems that volcano eruptions come with, this movie makes them look so beautiful you want them to erupt again and again. And when one couple kisses with a view of them at the back, they look as beautiful as fireworks.

The golden and radiant brown view resembling that of the sun setting or rising is breathtaking. This is easily the highlight of the movie, it is an easy screen saver choice.

But don’t let this make you assume that this is a romantic movie. Yes, there are a couple of romantic scenes but not enough to qualify it as a romantic movie. It is an action packed film with an ordinary story that will make you think you have watched the movie before.

It opens with a clan of horsemen being massacred. It is so bad and if you are faint-hearted, you might not go beyond that point of the movie. What you can do is forward and watch the sole survivor of that wipe out, Milo (Kit Harington) now a slave, plan out his revenge on the men that killed his family. He acted well and I like that he took centre stage despite the fact that Kiefer Sutherland was also starring in this movie. . Their roles are perfect for them. I liked this movie. I felt a good kind of satisfied after watching it.


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