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Talk of a VIP ticket promising you air

The Easter holiday is one awesome season for many. That includes me. The good news is that this one happened at the same time as the screening of a movie that had most of us talking: Batman Vs Superman-Dawn of Justice.
Together with the apple of my eye, we went to the cinema. The VIP tickets were sold out. There is a way some Ugandan companies have mastered the art of misusing the word VIP to selfishly raise prices, yet promising “comfort”. We were disappointed.
For starters, the queues were to die for but that was expected. Then in came the waiter and as we made our orders ( a glass of wine each), the dude spoke out loud, “We neither have wine, juice nor tea. They have all run out. All we can offer is soda (warm soda to be precise) and water.” I wanted to explode! I mean, what happened to proper planning? Why hike prices when you are absolutely sure they may never match up? Why make empty promises that might cost the reputation of the brand? Is it so hard to have all these beverages available such that even when the lie is clearly told on the ticket, one can have the option to buy the drink themselves?
This is just not right and the fact that many of us have let such things pass in different situations within society is just absurd.
The last time I checked, VIP means there is a difference in everything. The price, the treatment, and everything else. In a nutshell, VIP should entitle someone to comfort and the chance to have varying options.
At the end of the day we all exist in a symbiotic relationship as far as business is concerned. While my pissed off look for that day might not matter, imagine the many other disappointed fellows. Then such business owners may go ahead and weigh it all to see if it is worth.
If it is, then they can continue planning inappropriately and treating most of their VIP clients to warm soda even when the ticket says the customers can choose from a range of beverages going from a bottle of soda, wine, beer, juice and water.
Kyoka some Ugandans can amuse us in the most unexpected ways!


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