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Understanding guys…

Most guys are an open book. You can figure out a guy in just the first page of reading. We seem to want similar things in life. The money, a plush mansion, a beautiful girl by your side and a fast car. All these things mark a sense of fulfillment to many guys out there. When you have all or most of these, you have ‘arrived’. This could be a cruel benchmark to determine the success of a man, but some people embrace it. We love the hustle and everything it brings.

Life is made more meaningful when the things you have always struggled for start to come into your life, one by one. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. The hustle is addictive. Anything that comes between you and the money is the enemy. We want to make things happen, to provide.
This is why a broke man is often frustrated and unhappy. It breaks you. Forget all the lies about money not being everything. Having money is gratifying, and no one should lie to you. A man with money is high on confidence, full of life and can change the face of things. He feels he has the world in his hands. This could be misleading but most guys would rather have a lot of money and use it badly than not have it at all.
Guys have emotions too. This might seem surprising, but very true. If we can feel happy and show it, the reverse is true. Life can deal you a couple of blows and you feel like the world has come to an end. We feel this. We feel the knuckles of disappointment almost crack our skulls. We feel daggers tear through every artery of our heart when someone lets us down. Society denies us the licence to cry but trust me, guys want to cry sometimes. Forget their macho appearance, many guys do cry. The weight of expectation, disappointment and frustration will take down any man. They are just programmed to keep it together. To soldier on even in hardships.
People will say a guy’s biggest problem is his ego. That’s not always the case. Our ego is what could keep a man sane or destroy him. We need someone to stroke our egos, to tell us we are the best. We want to be celebrated, to hear chants of our names. We also want to be appreciated. Some ladies don’t find it cordial to buy a guy a gift. Well, we do. Get him anything to show that you value him.
Guys also appreciate small things such as space, their beer and a little bit of TLC. Is that too much to ask for?


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