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The track: Sky walker – Radio & weasel ft Mighty son


If one is a fan of lover’s rock, then the Goodlyf Crew has got you covered. On one of their latest tracks, Sky Walker featuring Mighty son of the “step on the floor” fame back in 2010, they savour a listener’s reggae pallet. With utmost curiosity one should notice the inspiration of the title of this song. If it is not Michael Jackson’s moon walk and for the sake of authenticity changed to sky walk, then it is the recent success that Radio is enjoying following the opening of his Neverland FM last week. Back to this track, love is the core. The song kicks off with Radio’s verse where he sings sweet nothings to his lover in words such as, “….somethin about you that gets me work, just like sunshine at midnight…”. Things that are practically impossible but can certainly sweep those in love off their feet. He woos his lover as a sky walker, an abstract picked as an interpretation of the English adage the sky is the limit. On the second verse Weasel appreciates the physicality of the woman, asking her to be his everything; mother, father, brother and sister. And lastly Mighty Son feeds us with patois and arguably actual Jamaican feel in the song. The instrumentals are the basic slow reggae beats that fortunately sync perfectly with the vocals and lyrics of these artistes.


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