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The dvd : The prince


While the average royalty is born, Paul (Jason Patric) earns the title by doing the most outrageous things (a long time ago) when he was part of a mob. Paul is the main character in this movie and much as I do not like most of his ways, it is good to see Bruce Willis defeated in a flick – I rarely watch movies where that happens.
Paul is a retired assassin who is now working as a mechanic in an isolated place. At first glance, he looks pretty harmless. Even when he is shoved, he does not fight back. You would think he had a surgery of sorts to get rid of his “bad boy” blood and ways.

But all that changes when his daughter, the only thing he cares about in the world goes missing. To rescue her, Paul has to face his longtime rival, Omar. Paul does everything he can, not to get into a fight with anyone but fails, and since Omar has pretty much paid everyone in the city to kill him, he has no choice but get into assassin mood. When he does, it gets ugly, messy and bloody.
This is an interesting movie to watch Paul act pretty well. I like his simplicity and the place Bruce Willis is forced to be in even if I have nothing against him as an actor. The downside is Paul’s companion (Jessica Lowndes), who is so irritating, I wished I could mute her and still be able to hear the other actors.


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