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The dvd: The informant


If you have read John Grisham’s The Client, then do not watch this flick because it will only piss you off. I do not know about you, but I think it is super annoying to watch a flick whose plot is borrowed from another person’s novel plot. It is even more annoying if they do not acknowledge that they borrowed from it and instead twist a few things to make it different. Mscheeew! This is so typical of copy cats. It is the same trick students who cheat use – get someone’s essay, copy it in such a way that the last points are the first and the first are the last. But they are still nabbed.

Mark (Matt Damon) works for a company that is involved in illegal business. The FBI finds out and convinces him to be wired so they get evidence against his bosses.

Mark puts up a good act of an innocent man trying to help the FBI, yet quaking what the bosses could do to him if they discovered he is snaking them. He is quite good. He chickens out convincingly, breaks down at the right time and is steadfast when he has to be. In a while, FBI has the information they need and issue arrest warrants for the bosses. It is then that there is an incredible twist, the supposed law breakers are not as bad as they have been made to look.

The actual cheat(s) have been distracting the FBI but his plan was not exactly fool proof. Since no one gives themselves up to police easily, a cat-mouse chase erupts which makes the flick a little more catchy. By the way, this is actually a comedy but I do not remember if it made me laugh at all. Away from this below average movie, Happy New Year.


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