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The dvd : The convict

Ray (George Basha) is an overly jealous boyfriend. It is hard to tell if it is the war that has made him non-tolerant or he has always been like that. Ray loses his cool when some two guys make a pass at his fiancée Kelly (Mille Rose Heywood). He tries to ignore them, and Kelly begs him to let it pass, but the boys just keep insulting and provoking, and he punches one of them. It did not seem like he had hit the guy too hard but when he fell on the ground he never got up.
So on the day he proposed, Ray, a veteran, is sent to prison because of manslaughter. The father of the dead boy pays the prison boss where he has been posted to make Rays life in prison hell. With the help of two guards, Ray is physically and mentally tortured. His 18-month-stay keeps being extended and each day is more miserable than the past. Will he ever get out? Will his fiancée wait for him? Ray has such a tough skin, he teaches us that what we feed our minds is very important and if it is solid stuff, you will never be broken, not to pieces at least. This is a highly intriguing one, watch it!

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