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Sheebah to headline Green Superstar Xmas party


As third term holidays draw nearer, anxiety fills the hearts of children as they anticipate the annual Green Superstar Xmas fest. Well, the anxiety might double after reading this.
Hey children, are you ready to go down low? Yes, singer Sheebah Karungi will be the head entertainer at this year’s Green Xmas party at Kololo Airstrip on December 13.
And unlike several entertainers who have graced the annual event in the past, Sheebah announced that she would be coming in a children’s outfit
“During my performance in China a few months ago, I saw a very nice children’s outfit for adults- one of those famous outfits! I have already ordered for it and I am ready for a good time with the little ones,” Sheebah told us earlier this week after sealing the deal with My Kid is a Superstar boss Joseph Masembe.
Masembe also told us that besides entertaining, Sheebah will also visit schools and plant trees with her fans.
“Our core value is children commandeering environmental conservation through tree planting. And now that Sheebah decided to go green, she will lead by example,” Masembe said. Dear Sheebah, we are eagerly waiting to see your costume.

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