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The DVD : Two night stand

This is an interesting movie. First, you need to note that it is for adults. Now that we are clear on that, we can talk adult stuff. You know how people, especially counsellors are always telling couples to communicate openly with each other even when making love? In this movie, Megan (Analeigh Tipton) and Alec (Leven Rambin) hook up for a one night stand. But just before they go back to their everyday lives, they decided to criticise each other so that they are better lovers for the next person.
Some of the things they discuss are; Guys like to have sex with the lights on. They also prefer that you take the girls undress slowly, in a semi dancing-sexy way. The girls on the other hand need the guys to make sure they reach that extreme moment. They do not want the guys to wait for them to undress them. They also do not want the guys to be fast and go on nonstop as if they are drilling oil or something.
When all is done and said they cannot part ways because of a snowstorm. Idle, they decide to make love again to see if each has mastered lessons from the other. That is why the movie is called a two-night-stand. Will there be a third? Will it be forever? Find out when you watch.

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