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The track : Otubatisa Sheebah karungi & Irene Ntale

Once upon a time, Irene Ntale and Sheebah Karungi were upcoming artistes, but today these songbirds are the queens of their respective genres. When it comes to love balads, Ntale is a force to reckon with, and on the dancefloor, Sheebah’s music tops the charts.
These two artistes now pair up on a track titled Otubatisa. This word is slang for “playing us”. These ladies narrate stories of a guy who masquerades as a nice man who it turns out is playing them along with other girls. The chorus basically asks why the dude is a player.
Irene sings in the first verse of how this guy approached her in corporate attire, telling her all the sweet nothings while Sheebah shocks Ntale with a story of the same guy “vibing” her at the club, splashing loads of money to an extent that she called him a don. The story of this player is very comical and a listener cannot wait to watch the video.

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