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The track : Bera Awo – King Saha

It’s too early to say that it’s a good year for any artiste, but things must be going the right direction for King Saha. After his successful concert early this year, King Saha must be in love again considering the starting lines of his new track titled Bera Awo. The last time he was in love, his neighbour had driven him crazy in his breakthrough song Mulirwana.
Bera Awo is not only good to the listener’s ear but also good dedication material to one’s lover. The storyline justifies this. In the first verse, he tells his lover never to disappoint him. He asks her to settle their debt of love by exchange of hearts. He further tells her that his mother seconds his desire for her.
Saha keeps the chorus simple as he sings about how he is in love and asks his lover to stay true. He adds that haters don’t scare him. On to the next verse, he tells his lover how he is flattered by the fact that she chose him over others and finally in the last verse, he calls his lover to be her best for him and assures her that he will do the same, promising to provide anything that she desires. These vocals sync perfectly with the afro beat instrumentals King Saha employed. There is little to hate about this song because it seems to cut through all crowds both urban and downtown. Its definitely a song to keep Saha on listeners’ playlists.

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