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The music video : Nyinimu – Peter Miles


This is a video shot by Deddac to prop up the visual narcissism of Peter Miles. How do you claim that you are the king of the dancehall genre? Simple, record a song, declare that you are the self-made king and have a video to the effect. That’s what Peter Miles does.
As you can predict, it starts off with this big boss getting out of this sleek car with his walking cane, cigar in hand, and a crowd to play the role of servants to this “local drug lord.” With his fur collar jacket, he’s led into a club location where he uses the cane to emphasise his authority in the area.
From this point till the end, it’s either about Peter Miles, or the girl that does the dances in this video. Nothing more to excite the viewer, nothing really. If this is the life of the big bosses, then it must be very boring.
We could give credit to the girl for having those superbly choreographed dances to match the self-obsession beats of Peter Miles. More cheers could go to the clean edits that give us clearer than usual visuals. Beyond that, there’s not a lot to talk about this Nyinimu video.
Someone needs to tell Peter Miles that video plots have gone past the usual storyline, of having all tribes of drinks on a table, nice cars, smoking cigars, and having a crowd to cheer along. Videos now leave the viewers with memories, with something to compensate for the three or so minutes of their lives spent watching the video.
It’s another of those Ugandan videos that portrays our lack of creativity when it comes to shooting videos that last beyond a week. It’s forgotten as soon as one is done watching it.

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