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The music video : Abeyo – Benezeri ft. Santana & Glen Fame


This video is set in a slum community with lots of wooden and iron-sheet patched shacks. At first, one may wonder why they chose the slum for the video location. Until, one remembers it’s because of the way the slum houses are built, it’s not easy to know who’s in and who’s not. The quickest way is to shout abeyo and await a response. On the location, the video scores highly, one can clearly see that the video director was able to think through the concept for the location that would best embody the message in the song.
Glen Fame springs out from those ghetto restaurants, hands a plate over to the waitress while Benezeri wades through a pile of clothes hanging on a wire line. There is a funny scene as Benezeri traverses the routes in the slum; some guy in the background confidently raises a sachet of that high concentration alcohol, it is his 15 seconds of fame and he chooses not to blow them away.
Once again, we meet the smartest rolex guy ever, it’s Glen Fame. Dude even had an apron and cool glasses. He crosses the road to drop Santana’s rolex at a barber shop. We then get to the Abeyo dance. It’s one of the easiest dances to pull off, if you can find a way to point your hands in any direction and smoothly shake your body in the laziest style possible.
The trio has a chemistry that’s unmatched. After all, what are bros for if they can’t bond over things like taking a hearty laugh at the girl in the video trying to twerk with the little she has? Simplicity is what gives this video that level of greatness.

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