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The DVD : Kingsman: The secret service


Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is such a weird name, right? Can you pronounce it? When it was being pronounced, it sounded like “Exy” and I kept on wondering what it means. Back in high school, such a name would be source of ridicule to its bearer. I can imagine all the “eggy” things this guy would have been equated to.
Eggsy features in an interesting movie, I won’t be surprised if a couple more are produced under the same title. Uneducated but streetwise, this young man has no idea about what exactly his father was like. His current father figures are so disgusting that he is forced to keep away from the house so as to stay out of trouble with them. When he gets into trouble, he makes contact with Galahad (Colin Firth) who turns out to be a member of a secret agency that is about to embark on a recruitment process.
Since he has nothing to lose, it doesn’t take a lot to convince Eggsy to try his luck. When he does, it is hard to tell if he will be successful or not. Eventually, his attachment to a dog makes him miss out on a slot to the disappointment of Galahad who wanted him to join so that he can take on after his father.
Galahad who Eggsy has grown fond of gets into some trouble that leaves the team with no choice but to take Eggsy on at least as an interning kingsman of sorts. Whether he will join or not depends on how well he does on this mission. This movie is thrilling but involves lots of fighting that may make your head spin.


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