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This is another of those few movies where someone takes up a character that depicts who they are in real life. Primo (James “Primo” Grant) is and has been a member of a notorious gang since the age of 12. He recruits John (John Diaz) the son of his mentor who was murdered apparently out of envy because he was the best at the “game” which is life on the streets – Five Star is what it is called, but it has no similarity with the ordinary meaning of the term five star.
John turns out not as naive as everyone thought. He might even be better than his father on the streets. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.
I usually easily understand African American accents but I had to be a little extra careful to pick out some of the things that the actors were saying.
This is a clichéd plot so the movie is pretty easy to follow, but gosh, it is so boring that it made me feel sleepy. It also ends kind of abruptly, one scene doesn’t connect to the other too well. I actually thought I had skipped a scene but found nothing when I cross checked.
This flick’s plot gave it an opportunity to be dramatic and thrilling with lots of action, but surprisingly the directors didn’t take advantage of this. Everything about this movie right from the acting to the costumes is basic.
It is a twisted story about fatherhood where one father wants the best for his children even though he won’t let or even merely guide another father’s son have the best.


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