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The DVD : Getaway

This is an absolutely entertaining thriller. It will make you “brake and accelerate” while in your couch because of the tension from a former race driver who has to drive recklessly and cause confusion in the city to save his wife’s life.
One evening Brent (Ethan Hawke) arrives home and finds his wife missing. As soon as he does, he receives a call from a mysterious man (Jon Voight) that reveals himself as the kidnapper of his wife. To reunite with her, he is given a set of instructions that he has to follow to the letter.
Amid the seemingly pointless task that involves driving around the city at a terrific speed into parks and other places where cars are definitely not allowed, he meets a young woman (Selena Gomez), who he is told to drive with. After fighting each other to no end, they make up and team up to make sure that they do everything to save his wife, something which the mysterious man might not do once they have done everything he needs them to do.
Gomez is one of the few musicians that are also good actresses, it is impressive how she easily fits into different characters. She definitely nailed it in this. From Voight’s diction, you can clearly tell that attention was paid to the script. This is nicely put together and a thrill to watch.


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