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The track : Onkuba – King Saha and Sheebah Karungi

King Saha and Sheebah have enjoyed the limelight over the past 12 months. These two artistes have a common story of breakthrough and almost have the same fan base. Onkuba is slang, for someone you are attracted to.
King Saha kicks off the song declaring his love for his woman, telling her she will bare his children and keep his lineage going on, and that she should not be distracted but focus on moving forward with him. Thereafter the chorus checks in, in a dialogue form with Sheebah reassuring him.
In the verse, Sheebah tells him she is tired of waiting too long for them to get together, so she asks if she could add his name to hers.
The instrumentals sync with the music. However, the artistes are in their comfort zone, so I think it’s high time they started experimenting with new music genres to increase their fanbase, otherwise they will remain the local heroes they are now.

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