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The track : Kampala – Nince Henry

If one remembers the song Cinderella that captured the airwaves a while ago, then you must be familiar with Nince Henry. Well this guy who was once labelled a ladies’ sweetheart because of his flattering lyrics, must have been busy cooking music.
We chanced on the talented songwriter’s latest jam Kampala. Nince diverts from the usual songs that rant about the KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi, and focuses on telling motivational stories about the city.
He kicks off by declaring the song as the truth about Kampala as he sings about the hustle to make a living. In his bridge, he classifies dwellers of Kampala into three: hard working drunkards, conmen and the broke educated chaps who spend the most.
The chorus describes the city as a mad town. He further tells people that there is no constant situation in Kampala in a simple metaphor – today is your day but tomorrow might not. Climaxing his song, he speaks to those relocating from rural areas, assuring them of the good things but that they should not be surprised if they get misfortunes as well.
Apart from wowing the ladies, one notices that Nince Henry also advises his listeners about life. However, we hope he expands his audience to the urban crowd, who are not an exception to his message.

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