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The track : Loving You – Peter Miles

Just as I dusted my shelf recently I pounced on Peter Miles’ name and checked out what this ragga artiste is up to. The last time he got in the Sqoop pages was when he released his club banger Frontline, a song which must have claimed its spot on each music lover’s playlist then.
Well, he is back on the scene, though later than expected.  People must be wondering what he has been up to. Well, those who thought he gave up on music and is doing some kyeyo somewhere in Europe must be wrong as he has hit again with his latest song Loving You. On this track, he sticks to his ragga genre but makes a sweet love song that is a good dedication for his fans and lovers who listen. The song kicks off with acoustic instrumentals as he sings the intro, assuring his lover how he won’t think twice of loving her, how she is his greatest delight and never would he fight with her.
The next verses all keep the same tempo and comprise sweet nothings all lovers share. The chorus is simple. He just stresses how he wants to love her tonight. Well, the lyrics and instrumentals are not the catch points of this song but rather Peter Miles’ musical approach, because unlike most artistes whose song title is based on which word they use most on the chorus, Peter Miles chooses to tell a love story with a simple message of faithfulness. In fact he only uses the title Loving You in his intro and climax of the jam.

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