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The music video : Wuuyo – A-Pass

If there’s one Ugandan video that depicts genuine love, A-Pass’s Wuuyo does it. It is hinged on a storyline that requires none of A-Pass’ input for it to stand-out. He makes the right choice of characters to play the lovers. That real-life couple of Michael Kasaija and Natasha Sinayobye has a chemistry that is full of delightful visual bonds.
This is a video you won’t get enough of. It’s interesting to follow the love odyssey of this village couple and the drama of how they hide behind the tree at the sight of the girl’s father. More epic is when Kasaija climbs the tree and drops fruits for his girl and they are genuinely happy; it makes a viewer get nostalgic about the good old days of village love.
If you are a girl and your man is yet to recommend that you watch this video, there’s a high chance you’re a side-dish. I guess, I kept my expectations low, which could be the reason for the impression. He chooses a kind of colouring and lighting that in normal cases would have given off a depressed mood, yet in this video, it evokes romantic feelings in the heart of the viewer.
The peak of the video comes at the end. This bold guy, full of airy courage, goes to the girl’s home in the middle of the rain. He audaciously knocks at the door, and guess who comes out? It’s the father of the girl. I love how he is daring to keep his eyes fixed on the father-in-law. In that moment, he conquers this old man, busy smoking away on a pipe to overcome the coldness of the rainy weather. It seems Kasaija detected danger. He realised there was no hope once the father of the girl re-entered the house. The video at this moment leaves us in suspense, wondering what was to happen next. Wuuyo is the video to watch, it’s the video that will give you ‘eyegasms.’

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