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The music video : I Love You – David Lutalo

Wonders never cease to happen. If there’s been a transformation, then it’s one to do with David Lutalo. Not once in my dreams did I ever dream of reviewing a Lutalo video. His were always the kind of videos you watch hiding, lest you are branded ‘local’. That doesn’t hold water anymore. Lutalo’s I Love You music video takes my former biases to the grave. It should be defined as the reincarnation of David Lutalo.  He is that artiste who dies as copper and resurrects as a diamond.
The video starts with this fly girl whom Lutalo follows into a gym. Once there, he is completely ‘whipped’ by the girl’s beauty that he fails to listen and follow instructions from his personal trainer.
The killer moment is when this other dude that seems interested in the girl challenges Lutalo to a fight. You should have seen Lutalo’s smashed lips, all swollen and oozing blood. The girl rushes to offer first aid. Lutalo begs for a kiss as the girl plays hard for the moment. Together they move out and once again, the guy accosts Lutalo, only for a saviour to appear out of the blue.
The video ends when this new couple that met at a gym drives off in a vintage car. Lutalo opens the doors to the car for her.
This video offers a few lessons. People say you can take a man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of him. Lutalo happens to be the exception to this adage. In this music video, Lutalo makes a bold statement that he has broken up with his past. That he will shoot videos with the best lighting and give us fascinating storylines.

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