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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Chill – Gasha ft Eddy Kenzo

Did Bebe Cool brand Eddy Kenzo an upcoming artiste? As I watched this video, my focus was to try and spot the slightest indicator of an upcoming artiste. Trust me, I was disappointed, I couldn’t find a single dot of upcoming. This is a video that one can be proud to own, first because it features a Ugandan international act, Eddy Kenzo, secondly,  because he’s not over-shadowed in anyway by Gasha.
In this video, Cameroon meets Uganda, and a wonderful picturesque marriage takes place. There are bonds that come off naturally, as evidenced by that of Kenzo and Gasha in this video. It’s a seamless connection, an effortless flow of an audio visual.
Talking dances and choreography, they come off in this unsophisticated African way. They are leisurely dances that get a viewer grooving along. The dances send off a message of true happiness when a groom finally shows off his rib.
Beyond that, the video shows us the best of what Cameroon has to offer, both in culture and in dress code. It’s a sneak peak of Cameroon, and probably a testament to the fact that Uganda and Cameroon have more commonalities than differences.
All in all, this is a video that will take off the stress until you achieve a state that’s described as ‘chill’ state.  The outside location itself is chilling to begin with. For starters, to chill is to take a moment off to relax. And that’s the entire mood in this video—relaxing.
If you think African love is boring and backward, this video will convince you otherwise. This is a video to send to your average Kampala girl who’s playing very hard to get. It will assure her that indeed you can change her life. All she has to do is chill.

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