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The dvd :The Best Of Me


If there is any romantic bone in your body there is no doubt that you will like this movie. And if you are the emotional type, expect to tear or even sob. This is a story of the kind of love that many people only dream of, the best of love. It might as well be based on a real life story. It is about childhood lovers Dewson (James Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan).

The two have such a strong bond that not even Amanda’s father’s $80,000 (about Shs240m) offer to tempt Dewson to break up with Amanda can get in their way. But they are forced to separate when Dewson ends up on the wrong side of the law and frustrates Amanda’s efforts to keep them together.

After many years they are reunited because of the death of a mutual friend that would have loved that they stay together forever. In a tiny cottage away from their lives, emotions get too heavy and the two make out.

But is their bond so strong that they can walk away from the lives they have built the last couple of years? As one sad scene after another rolls out, it is hard to tell how the movie will end. I needed lots of tissue to watch this movie but all that time, I couldn’t get myself to look away.


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