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The track : Everywhere I Go – Bebe Cool

Love is in the air at the Gagamel camp this Valentine’s. After winning the most active fan base accolade in the recently held Hipipo Awards in which Bebe Cool, the president at this particular camp was crowned Artiste of the Year, there is no doubt his latest single Everywhere I Go is a dedication to not only his lover but also his fans.
This reggae maestro sticks to his style but some would rather call it a “sweet riddim” for this song. One must say Bebe cool is smart because there is surely no better time to release this track, the topic is succinct and apt – love.
He tells a story of how he wants to take his lover everywhere he goes. He assures her of how he appreciates her and also sings sweet nothings to her in lines like, “Me can’t go without out u mi biebe…”
The variation of tempos he employs verse after verse is the highlight of the song. Once one puts this song on replay they will be yearning for the next part of the song. He also diversifies language wise using a little Luganda in his lyrics. If one has not yet got a Valentine’s dedication, this song is surely an option for you.

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