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The DVD : Trip to Italy

The fact that the title insinuates a vacation of sorts is what attracted me to this movie. I was on holiday and watching it seemed like such a great idea. But it turned out that the movie bored me so much, I failed to finish it. I couldn’t get the jokes and most of the other things that came with it like the types of wine and food.
The movie is about two men and six meals in six different places on a road trip around Italy. It features Steve Coogan and Rob Brydons who play themselves. The two are on an all-expenses-paid trip by a newspaper. Their tough assignment is to drive through the beautiful country, eat lavishly, and stay in exquisite small hotels, all so that one or the other can write a review for the paper.
The food is exotic and the hotels are posh but the bickering as the men dine and wine is what failed to captivate me.
Eventually, I just couldn’t bare it any longer so I ejected the DVD. Eager to know what other people thought of the movie, I checked out other reviews and I was shocked to find that most people like it. Maybe I was having a slow day when I watched it, but that will depend on what you think of the flick.


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