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The music video : Kankunganye – Mun G, Radio and Weasel

The inner setting of this music video tries so much to borrow from the P Square video of Taste The Money yet fails miserably at the copying. Are Nigerian video concepts the gold standard of what a storyline should be? I think not. At this rate, our music videos will continue to be a second rate version when compared to other videos in Africa.  And even if the concept was not copied in Nigeria, we’ve seen Bebe Cool use a similar concept in Nkola Byafayo.
Kankunganye is wafted around a Casino-like setting where these three boys with stacks of Shs50,000 notes try their hand at high class gambling. The whole concept of a casino setting would have been superb, but the execution leaves me yearning for better. Everything here is very artificial. The girls in this video are nowhere near those sensual ones in casinos.
And the lighting and colouring aspects won’t make an impression on you. When the smoke effect is set in, the video gets very hazy, while at other points, the golden colour effects are over used. This is another of those videos you will watch and never desire to come back for another round.
If you’ve not watched this video yet, then don’t even risk watching it. The video doesn’t match up to the already popular audio. It destroys whatever sweetness is associated with the audio. Kankunganye promises much and delivers little. Not worth the Goodlyfe standards.

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