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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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the music video : Filthy Rich – Bobi Wine Ft Mr G


I shouldn’t have watched Bebe Cool’s Love You Everyday video, that’s the problem with tasting good things, then getting treated to average ones a few weeks later. If you ever want to see the laziest combination, one that doesn’t put in any effort in their videos, it’s that combination of Bobi Wine and Mr G. Nothing such as energy to speak of in their videos, just a few “we are the issh” dance strokes and full-scale monotony.Either Mr G will be standing or he will be seated comfortable in his signature under-shirts while Bobi Wine tries to force out the star-image that has eroded him in all his music videos.
Filthy Rich is a music video about two wannabe tycoons, but there’s nothing filthy rich that the video brings out. First of all, how does a filthy rich person carry around currency notes of one million shillings? Was that a Zimbabwean currency? Or perhaps Filthy Rich is about drinking your ordinary passion fruit juice in the company of two average video vixens.
Filthy Rich has nothing like a story-line, just your basic video shot in Kampala by a regular video producer. It is boring, monotonous and lacks all the qualities that could make it stand out in the current class of quality music videos that are coming out of Uganda. Who even uses those Jamaican flag colour effects in such an amateurish way of drop and cloud? There’s nothing filthy rich about those costumes and accessories…
So what should excite you about this Filthy Rich music video? The fact that Mr G has fallen in love with Uganda or the fact that Bobi Wine exudes this feeling of “I am now international” while singing alongside Mr G. There’s nothing to take home with this music video, except my wasted Internet bundles.


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