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The DVD: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

DVD League

Because there is only one lady among the film’s extraordinary cast, they decided to generalise and called this The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen. Isn’t it a boring title? I would never have said it was interesting if I was only judging from the title. Because there was no plan B, I watched it and oh boy was I in for a pleasant surprise or not? It is a different movie.

This movie is about a group that is called to help save the empire only to learn that the intention was to get them out of the way of those that wanted to conquer. When they realise they have been tricked, this group of Victorian age war and battle heroes, decides to put all their wit to use and fight.

It is a different movie with ship that sails on and under water, an invisible fighter, an old man that looks like his days are numbered and is of no good, and a beautiful lady whose looks will lure you into believing her. In that mix, Sean Connery, Stuart Townsend, Peta Wilson show off their skills.

I particularly liked that they used Victorian age things, the ship for example and it is decor, the cars and other things all look like they are from many centuries ago. This is best watched with curtains closed to get that Victorian age feel.

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