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The DVD: Panic


Detective Amanda (Rachel Hunter) is taken off a case that she has been working on, involving serial killers who stalk and murder young women, mostly hookers. She learns that the she was given her new case because the commissioner thinks she can be controlled. Amanda decides to dig deeper and discovers shocking details about a group of the country’s top politicians who cover up for one another including her ex-boyfriend.

Panic is from an old collection of movies at the peak of the women emancipation struggle, when women still had to prove themselves capable of doing things said to be part of men’s world. Amanda does a good job proving that and she is the main focus of the movie. It isn’t an extraordinary movie, but it will nonetheless keep you glued to the screen till it ends. It is the sudden ending that makes it inevitable for you to wish that Amanda discovers a couple of other things after even though you know that it is just but a movie.

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