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The Track: 18 and over – Bakri


Of course, it is not for one to say, but this lad could be walking straight through Toniks’s shoes, and that is not a bad thing. For one, he will do music that you may mistake to be done by Toniks, a plus for an artiste who still needs introduction.

It is not a very heavy song on content, this. He sings about a dancehall queen whose ability on the floor has got him very wowed. He praises how she can turn and wind and spin around the dance floor; he even asks her to dance for him, the bend over stroke. And then, as if exclaiming in utmost relief, to quell any anxiety, he says, but she is 18 and over.

The song does not say much, really. But it is a tasty affair for the ear, and may naughtily hang around, somewhere in your head, long after it has stopped playing on the stereo. And that is a mark of a musician who can charm. For now, questions like “Bakri who?” are justified. He keeps this up for a little longer and he will be a daily feature on your radio.

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